Suspicious files

By default, ESET Endpoint Antivirus for macOS is configured to submit suspicious files to the ESET Threat Lab for detailed analysis. If you do not wish to submit these files automatically, deselect Submission of Suspicious Files (Setup > Enter application preferences > Live Grid > Setup).


If you find a suspicious file, you can submit it to our Threat Lab for analysis. To do so, click Tools > Submit file for analysis from the main program window. If it is a malicious application, its detection will be added to an upcoming update.


Submission of Anonymous Statistical Information – The ESET Live Grid Early Warning System collects anonymous information about your computer related to newly detected threats. This information includes the name of the infiltration, the date and time it was detected, the ESET security product version, your operating system version and the location setting. These statistics are typically delivered to ESET servers once or twice daily.



Example: Submitted statistical package

# utc_time=2005-04-14 07:21:28

# country=“Slovakia“

# language=“ENGLISH“

# osver=9.5.0

# engine=5417

# components=2.50.2

# moduleid=0x4e4f4d41

# filesize=28368

# filename=Users/UserOne/Documents/Incoming/rdgFR1463[1].zip


Exclusion Filter – This option allows you to exclude certain file types from submission. For example, it may be useful to exclude files that may carry confidential information, such as documents or spreadsheets. The most common file types are excluded by default (.doc, .rtf etc.). You can add file types to the list of excluded files.


Contact Email (optional) – Your email address will be used if further information is required for analysis. Please note that you will not receive a response from ESET unless more information is needed.