Presentation mode

Presentation mode is a feature for users who demand uninterrupted usage of their software, do not want to be disturbed by pop-up windows, and want to minimize CPU usage. Presentation mode can also be used during presentations that cannot be interrupted by antivirus activity. When this mode is enabled, all pop-up windows are disabled and scheduled tasks are not run. System protection still runs in the background but does not require any user interaction.

To enable Presentation mode manually, click Setup > Enter application preferences... > Presentation mode > Enable Presentation mode.

Select the check box next to Auto-enable Presentation mode in fullscreen to trigger Presentation mode automatically when applications are run in full-screen mode. When this feature is enabled, Presentation mode starts whenever you initiate a full-screen application and automatically stops after you exit the application. This is especially useful for starting a presentation.

You can also select Disable Presentation mode automatically after to define the amount of time in minutes after which Presentation mode is automatically disabled.

Enabling Presentation mode is a potential security risk, so the ESET Endpoint Antivirus for macOS protection status icon turns orange and displays a warning.