Desktop notifications

Desktop notification is represented by small pop-up window next to system taskbar. By default, it is set to show for 10 seconds, then it slowly disappears. This is the main way how ESET Endpoint Antivirus communicates with user, notifying about successful product updates, new devices connected, virus scans tasks completion or new threat found.

Desktop notifications section allows to customize the behavior of pop-up notifications. The following attributes can be set:

Duration – Sets the duration of how long the notification message is visible. The value must be in the range of 3 to 30 seconds.

Transparency – Sets the transparency of notification message in percents. The supported range is 0 (no transparency) to 80 (very high transparency).

Minimum verbosity of events to display – From the drop-down menu, you can select the starting severity level of notifications to be displayed:

Diagnostic – Logs information needed to fine-tune the program and all records above.

Informative – Records informative messages such as non-standard network events, including successful update messages, plus all records above.

Warnings – Records critical errors and warning messages (Antistealth is not running properly or update failed).

Errors – Errors (document protection not started) and critical errors will be recorded.

Critical – Logs only critical errors error starting antivirus protection or infected system.

On multi-user systems, display notifications on the screen of this user – Type in the full account names of users that should be allowed to receive desktop notifications. For example, if you use your computer using other than Administrator account and you want to keep being informed about new product events.