Email alerts and notifications

The options for this functionality are available in Advanced setup under Web and email > Email client protection > Alerts and notifications.

After an email has been checked, a notification with the scan result can be appended to the message. You can elect to Append tag messages to received and read email or Append tag messages to sent email. Be aware that on rare occasions tag messages may be omitted in problematic HTML messages or if messages are forged by malware. The tag messages can be added to received and read email, sent email or both. The available options are:

Never – No tag messages will be added at all.

When a detection occurs – Only messages containing malicious software will be marked as checked (default).

To all email when scanned – The program will append messages to all scanned email.

Update subject of sent email – Disable this if you do not want email protection to include a virus warning in the subject of an infected email. This feature allows for simple, subject-based filtering of infected emails (if supported by your email program). It also increases the level of credibility for the recipient and if an infiltration is detected, provides valuable information about the threat level of a given email or sender.

Text to add to subject of detected email – Edit this template if you wish to modify the subject prefix format of an infected email. This function will replace the message subject "Hello" to the following format: "[detection %DETECTIONNAME%] Hello". The variable %DETECTIONNAME% represents the detection.