Scan profiles

Your preferred scan parameters can be saved for future scanning. We recommend that you create a different profile (with various scan targets, scan methods and other parameters) for each regularly used scan.

To create a new profile, open the Advanced setup window (F5) and click Detection engine > Malware scans > On-demand scan > List of profiles. The Profile manager window includes the Selected profile drop-down menu that lists existing scan profiles and the option to create a new one. To help you create a scan profile to fit your needs, see the ThreatSense engine parameters setup section for a description of each parameter of the scan setup.



Suppose that you want to create your own scan profile and the Scan your computer configuration is partially suitable, but you do not want to scan runtime packers or potentially unsafe applications and you also want to apply Strict cleaning. Enter the name of your new profile in the Profile manager window and click Add. Select your new profile from the Selected profile drop-down menu and adjust the remaining parameters to meet your requirements, and then click OK to save your new profile.