Updating the program

Regularly updating ESET Endpoint Antivirus is the best method to obtain the maximum level of security on your computer. The Update module ensures that the program is always up to date in two ways, by updating the virus signature database and by updating system components.

By clicking Update in the main program window, you can find the current update status including the date and time of the last successful update and if an update is needed. The primary window also contains the virus signature database version. This numeric indicator is an active link to ESET’s website, listing all signatures added within the given update.

In addition, the option to manually begin the update process, Update virus signature database is available. Updating the virus signature database and updating program components are important parts of maintaining complete protection against malicious code. Please pay attention to their configuration and operation. If you did not enter your License details during installation, you can enter your license key by clicking Activate product when updating to access ESET’s update servers.

If you activate  ESET Endpoint Antivirus with Offline license file without Username and Password and try to update, the red information Virus signature database update ended with an error signals you can download updates from the mirror only.


Your license key is provided by ESET after purchasing ESET Endpoint Antivirus.


Last successful update – The date of the last update. Make sure it refers to a recent date, which means that the virus signature database is current.

Virus signature database version – The virus signature database number, which is also an active link to ESET’s website. Click it to view a list of all signatures added within the given update.

Update process

After clicking Update virus signature database, the download process begins. A download progress bar and remaining time to download will be displayed. To interrupt the update, click Cancel update.



Under normal circumstances, when updates are downloaded properly the message Update is not necessary – Virus signature database is up to date will appear in the Update window. If this is not the case, the program is out of date and more vulnerable to infection. Please update the virus signature database as soon as possible.

Virus signature database is out of date – This error will appear after several unsuccessful attempts to update the virus signature database. We recommend that you check the update settings. The most common reason for this error is incorrectly entered authentication data or incorrectly configured connection settings.

The previous notification is related to the following two Virus signature database update failed messages about unsuccessful updates:

1.Invalid license – The license key has been incorrectly entered in update setup. We recommend that you check your authentication data. The Advanced setup window (click Setup from the main menu and then click Advanced setup, or press F5 on your keyboard) contains additional update options. Click Help and support > Manage license from the main menu to enter a new license key.


2.An error occurred while downloading update files – A possible cause of the error is incorrect Internet connection settings. We recommend that you check your Internet connectivity (by opening any website in your web browser). If the website does not open, it is likely that an Internet connection is not established or there are connectivity problems with your computer. Please check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you do not have an active Internet connection.



For more information please visit this ESET Knowledgebase article.