Update mode

The Update mode tab contains options related to the program component update. The program enables you to predefine its behavior when a new program component upgrade is available.

Program component updates brings new features or makes changes to those that already exist from previous versions. It can be performed automatically without user intervention, or you can choose to be notified. After a program component update has been installed, a computer restart may be required. In the Program component update section, three options are available:

Ask before downloading program components – The default option. You will be prompted to confirm or refuse program component updates when they are available.
Always update program componentsA program component update will be downloaded and installed automatically. Please remember that a computer restart may be required.
Never update program componentsProgram component updates will not be performed at all. This option is suitable for server installations, since servers can usually be restarted only when they are undergoing maintenance.


Selecting the most appropriate option depends on the workstation where the settings will be applied. Please be aware that there are differences between workstations and servers – for example, restarting the server automatically after a program update could cause serious damage.

Enable manual program component update – By default disabled. When enabled and newer version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus is available, you can check for updates in Update pane and install the newer version.

If the Ask before downloading update option is active, a notification will display when a new update is available.

If the update file size is greater than the value specified in the Ask if an update file is greater than (kB) field, the program will display a notification.