On-demand computer scan

This section provides options to select scanning parameters.

Selected profile – A particular set of parameters used by the on-demand scanner. To create a new one, click Edit next to List of profiles.

If only want to scan a specific target, you can click Edit next to Scan targets and choose an option from drop-down menu or selecting specific targets from the folder (tree) structure.

The scan targets window allows you to define which objects (memory, drives, sectors, files and folders) are scanned for infiltrations. Select targets from the tree structure, which lists all devices available on the computer. The Scan targets drop-down menu allows you to select predefined scan targets.

By profile settings – Selects targets set in the selected scan profile.
Removable media – Selects diskettes, USB storage devices, CD/DVD.
Local drives – Selects all system hard drives.
Network drives – Selects all mapped network drives.
No selection – Cancels all selections.

ThreatSense engine parameter setup – Advanced setup options, such as file extensions you want to control, detection methods used, etc. can be found in this section. Click to open a tab with advanced scanner options.