ERA Agent is an essential part of the ESET Remote Administrator product. ESET security solutions on client machines (for example ESET Endpoint security) communicate with ERA Server through the Agent. This communication allows for the management of ESET security solutions on all remote clients from a one central location. The Agent collects information from the client and sends it to the Server. When the Server sends a task to a client, the task is sent to the Agent which then communicates with the client. All network communication happens between the Agent and the upper part of the ERA network – Server and Proxy.

The ESET Agent uses one of the following three methods to connect to the Server:

1.The Client's Agent is directly connected to the Server.
2.The Client's Agent is connected through a Proxy that is connected to the Server.
3.The Client's Agent is connected to the Server through multiple Proxies.

The ESET Agent communicates with ESET solutions installed on a client, collects information from programs on that client and passes configuration information received from the Server to the client.


The ESET proxy has its own Agent which handles all communication tasks between clients, other proxies and the Server.