Update setup

Updating the virus signature database and program components is an important part of maintaining complete protection against malicious code. Please pay careful attention to update configuration and operation. From the main menu, select Update > Update now to check for a newer database update.

If your License Key is not entered yet, you will be unable to receive new updates and will be prompted to activate your product.


The Advanced setup window (click Setup > Advanced setup from the main menu, or press F5 on your keyboard) contains additional update options. To configure advanced update options such as update mode, proxy server access, LAN connections and virus signature copy creation settings, click Update in the Advanced setup tree. If you experience problems with an update, click Clear to clear the temporary update cache. The Update server menu is set to AUTOSELECT by default. When using an ESET server, we recommend that you leave the Choose automatically option selected. If you do not want the system tray notification at the bottom right corner of the screen to appear, select Disable display notification about successful update.


For optimal functionality, it is important that the program is automatically updated. This is only possible if the correct License key is entered in Help and support > Activate Product.

If you did not enter your License key after installation, you can do so at any time. For more detailed information about activation see How to activate ESET Endpoint Antivirus and enter the credentials you received with your ESET security product in License details window.