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Technical support

In the main program window, click Help and Support > Technical Support.

Contact Technical Support

Request support—If you cannot find an answer to your problem, you can use this form located on the ESET website to contact the ESET Technical Support department quickly. Based on your settings, the submit your system configuration data window is displayed before filling the web form.

Get information for Technical Support

Details for Technical Support—When prompted, you can copy and send information to ESET Technical Support (such as license details, product name, product version, operating system and computer information).

ESET Log Collector—Links to the ESET Knowledgebase article, where you can download ESET Log Collector, an application that automatically collects information and logs from a computer to help resolve issues more quickly. For more information, see the ESET Log Collector online user guide.

Enable Advanced logging to create advanced logs for all available features to help developers diagnose and solve issues. Minimum logging verbosity is set to Diagnostic level. Advanced logging will be automatically disabled after two hours, unless you stop it earlier by clicking Stop advanced logging. When all logs are created, the notification window is displayed providing direct access to the Diagnostic folder with the created logs.