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Mailbox protection

Integration of ESET Endpoint Antivirus with your Mailbox increases the level of active protection against malicious code in email messages.

To configure Mailbox protection, open Advanced setup > Protections > Email client protection > Mailbox protection.

Enable email protection by client plugins—When disabled, protection by email client plugins is turned off.

Select emails to scan:

  • Received email
  • Sent email
  • Read email
  • Modified email


We recommend that you keep Enable email protection by client plugins enabled. Even if integration is not enabled or functional, email communication is still protected by Mail transport protection (IMAP/IMAPS and POP3/POP3S).

Integrations—Enables you to integrate Mailbox protection into your Email client. See Integrations for more information.

Response—Enables you to customize handling of spam messages. See Response for more information.