Parental control

The Parental control section allows you to configure Parental control settings, which provide parents with automated tools to help protect their children. The goal is to prevent children and young adults from accessing pages containing inappropriate or harmful content. Parental control lets you block webpages that may contain potentially offensive material. Additionally, parents can prohibit access to up to 27 pre-defined website categories.

Your user accounts are listed in the Parental Control window (Setup > Enter application preferences ... > Parental Control). Select the one you want to use for parental control. To specify a level of protection for the selected account, click Setup... . To create a new account click Add... . This will redirect you to the macOS system accounts window.

In the Parental control setup window, select one of the predefined profiles from the Setup profile drop-down menu or copy parental setup from another user account. Each profile contains a modified list of allowed categories. If a category is checked, it is allowed. Moving the mouse over a category will show you a list of web pages that fall into that category.

To modify the list of Allowed and Blocked Web Pages, click Setup... at the bottom of a window and add a domain name into the desired list. Do not type http:// . Using wildcards (*) is not necessary. If you type just a domain name, all subdomains will be included. For example, if you add into the List of Allowed Web Pages, all subdomains (,, etc.) will be allowed.



Blocking or allowing a specific web page can be more accurate than blocking or allowing a whole category of web pages.