Creating new rules

The Rules tab contains a list of all rules applied to traffic generated by individual applications. Rules are added automatically according to user reactions to a new communication.


1.To create a new rule, click Add... , enter a name for the rule and drag-and-drop the application's icon into the blank field or click Browse... to look for the program in the /Applications folder. To apply the rule to all applications installed on your computer, select the All applications option.

2.In the next window, specify the Action (allow or deny the communication between selected application and network) and Direction of the communication (incoming, outgoing or both). You can record all communications related to this rule into a log file, to do so, select the Log rule option. To review the logs, click Tools > Logs from the ESET Cyber Security Pro main menu and select Firewall from the Log drop-down menu.

3.In the Protocol/Ports section, select a protocol through which the application communicates and port numbers (if TCP or UDP protocol is selected). The transport protocol layer provides secure and efficient data transfer.

4.Last, specify the Destination criteria (IP address, range, subnet, ethernet or Internet) for the rule.