Advanced options

To disable notifications displayed after each successful update, select Do not display notification about successful updates.

To download development modules that are in the final testing stages, enable Pre-release update. Pre-release updates often contain fixes for product issues. Delayed update downloads update a few hours after they are released, to ensure that clients will not receive updates until they are confirmed to be free of any issues in the wild.

ESET Cyber Security records snapshots of detection and program modules for use with the Update Rollback feature. Leave Create module snapshots enabled to have ESET Cyber Security record these snapshots automatically. If you suspect that a new detection or program module update is unstable or corrupt, use the rollback feature to revert to a previous version and disable updates for a set period of time. To revert updates to the oldest version in history, click Rollback. Alternatively, you can re-enable previously disabled updates.When using the Update Rollback feature to revert to a previous update, use the Set suspend period to drop-down menu to specify the time period that you want to suspend updates. If you select until revoked, normal updates will not resume until you restore them manually. To restore updates manually click Allow. Use caution when setting the time period to suspend updates.

Set maximum detection engine age automatically allows you to set the maximum time (in days) after which detection modules will be reported as out of date. The default value is seven days.