Regularly updating ESET Cyber Security is necessary to maintain the maximum level of security. The Update module ensures that the software is always up to date by downloading the most recent detection modules.

Click Update from the main menu to view the current update status of ESET Cyber Security, including the date and time of the last successful update and if an update is needed. To begin the update process manually, click Update modules.

Under normal circumstances, when updates download properly, the message "Update is not necessary - the installed modules are up to date" is displayed in the Update window. However, if modules cannot be updated, ESET recommends that you check the update settings. The most common reason for this error is incorrectly entered authentication data (license key) or incorrectly configured connection settings.

The update window also contains the detection engine version number. The version number links to ESET's web page that lists the detection engine update information.


Automatic upgrades

ESET Cyber Security does not upgrade automatically to the newest version. ESET Cyber Security notifies you when a new upgrade is available. To install the upgrade, you must approve the upgrade manually. You can find more information in the Upgrading topic.