Submit sample for analysis

If you find a suspicious file on your computer, you can submit it to the ESET Research Lab for analysis.


Before submitting samples to ESET

Do not submit a sample unless it meets at least one of  the following criteria:

The sample is not detected by your ESET product at all.

The sample is incorrectly detected as a threat.

The sample is not a personal file. ESET does not accept your personal files (that you would like to scan for malware by ESET) as samples (ESET Research Lab does not perform on-demand scans for users).

Your email has a descriptive subject line and includes as much information about the file as possible (for example, a snapshot of the screen or the web site you downloaded the file from).

To send a sample submission, use the sample submission form in your product, located in Tools > Submit sample for analysis.

In the Submit sample for analysis form, specify the following:

File – The path to the file you intend to submit.

Comment – The rreason why you are submitting the file.

Contact email – This contact email address that is sent along with the suspicious files to ESET and may be used to contact you if more information is required for analysis. Including a contact email address is optional.


You may not get a response from ESET

You will not get a response from ESET unless more information is required from you. Each day our servers receive tens of thousands of files, making it impossible to reply to all submissions.

If the sample turns out to be a malicious application or web site, its detection will be added to an upcoming ESET product update.