Custom installation

The Custom installation mode is designed for experienced users who want to modify advanced settings during the installation process.

Proxy Server
If you are using a proxy server, define its parameters by selecting I use a proxy server. In the next window, type the IP address or URL of your proxy server in the Address field. In the Port field, specify the port where the proxy server accepts connections (3128 by default). In the event that the proxy server requires authentication, type the valid Username and Password to grant access to the proxy server. If you do not use a proxy server, select I do not use a proxy server. If you are not sure if you use a proxy server, select Use system settings (recommended) to use your current system settings.

You have the option to define privileged users or groups who will be given permissions to edit the program configuration. From the list of users on the left, select the users and Add them to the Privileged Users list. To display all system users, select Show all users. If you leave the Privileged Users list empty, all users are considered privileged.

ESET Live Grid
For more information about ESET Live Grid, visit our Glossary.

Potentially Unwanted Applications
For more information about Potentially Unwanted Applications, visit our Glossary.

After the installation of ESET Cyber Security:

macOS Big Sur (11)

1.Allow system extensions.

2.Allow Full disk access.

3.Allow ESET to Add Proxy Configurations. You will receive the following notification: "ESET Cyber Security" Would Like to Add Proxy Configurations. When you receive this notification, click Allow. If you click Don't Allow, Web Access Protection will not work.

hmtoggle_plus0macOS 10.15 and older

After installation you will be prompted to activate ESET Cyber Security. You can find multiple activation options in the Activation chapter.

After installing ESET Cyber Security, perform a computer scan to check for malicious code. From the main program window, click Computer scan > Smart scan. For more information about On-demand computer scans, see the On-demand computer scan section.