The Limits section allows you to specify the maximum size of objects and levels of nested archives to be scanned. The following settings are available:

Maximum Size: Defines the maximum size of objects to be scanned. Once the maximum size is defined, the antivirus module scans only objects smaller than the size specified. This option should only be changed by advanced users who have specific reasons to exclude larger objects from scanning.

Maximum Scan Time: Defines the maximum time allotted to scan an object. If a user-defined value is entered here, the antivirus module stops scanning an object when that time is elapsed, regardless of whether  the scan is finished.

Maximum Nesting Level: Specifies the maximum depth of archive scanning. ESET does not recommend changing the default value of 10. Under normal circumstances there should be no reason to modify it. If scanning is prematurely terminated due to the number of nested archives, the archive remains unchecked.

Maximum File Size: Specifies the maximum file size for files contained in archives (when they are extracted) that are to be scanned. If scanning is prematurely terminated as a result of this limit, the archive remains unchecked.