Advanced options

On this window you can define which object types are scanned by the ThreatSense engine. To learn more about Self-extracting archives, Runtime packers, and Advanced heuristics, see ThreatSense engine parameters setup.

ESET does not recommend making changes in the Default archives settings section unless required to resolve a specific issue, as higher archive nesting values can impede system performance. The following options are available:

ThreatSense parameters for executed files – By default, Advanced heuristics is used when files are executed. ESET strongly recommends keeping Smart optimization and ESET Live Grid enabled to mitigate the impact on system performance.

Increase network volumes compatibility – This option boosts performance when accessing files over the network. Enable it if you experience slowdowns while accessing network drives. This feature uses the system file coordinator on macOS 10.10 and later. Be aware that not all applications support the file coordinator. Fr example, Microsoft Word 2011 does not support it, but Word 2016 does.