Real-time file system protection

Real-time file system protection checks all types of media and triggers a scan based on various events. Using ThreatSense technology (described in ThreatSense engine parameter setup), real-time file system protection may vary for newly created files and existing files. Newly created files can be more precisely controlled.

By default, all files are scanned upon file opening, file creation, or file execution. ESET recommends that you keep these default settings, as they provide the maximum level of real-time protection for your computer. Real-time protection launches at the system startup and provides uninterrupted scanning. In special cases (for example, if there is a conflict with another real-time scanner), you can stop real-time protection by clicking the ESET Cyber Security icon located in your Menu Bar (at the top of the screen) and selecting Disable Real-time File System Protection. You can also disable real-time file system protection from the main program window (click Setup > Computer and switch Real-time file system protection to DISABLED).

You can exclude the following types of media from the Real-time scanner:

Local drives – System hard drives

Removable media – CDs, DVDs, USB media, Bluetooth devices, and so on

Network media – All mapped drives

ESET recommends that you use default settings and only modify scanning exclusions in specific cases, such as when scanning certain media significantly slows down data transfers.

To modify advanced settings for real-time file system protection, click Setup > Enter application preferences (or press cmd+,) > Real-Time Protection and click Setup next to Advanced Options (described in Advanced scan options).