What to do if real-time protection does not work

Below are descriptions of problem situations that may arise when using real-time protection, and how to troubleshoot them.

Real-time protection is disabled

If Real-time protection is inadvertently disabled by a user, the protection must be reactivated. To reactivate real-time protection, from the main menu click Setup > Computer and switch Real-time file system protection to ENABLED. Alternatively, you can enable real-time file system protection in the application preferences window under Real-Time Protection by selecting Enable real-time file system protection.

Real-time protection does not detect and clean infiltrations

Make sure that no other antivirus programs are installed on your computer. If two real-time protection shields are enabled at the same time, they may conflict with each other. ESET recommends that you remove any other antivirus programs that may be on your system.

Real-time protection does not start

If real-time protection is not initiated at the system startup, there may be conflicts with other programs. If real-time protection does not start, contact ESET Customer Care.