Network Connections

Network Connections is a list of active network connections within your computer. ESET Cyber Security provides detailed information about each connection and allows you to create a rule to block these connections.

Create a  blocking rule for this connection

ESET Cyber Security allows you to create blocking rule for each connection in Network Connections manager. You can create blocking rule by right-clicking on the connection and select Create blocking rule for this connection.

1.Select the connection Profile you want to create the rule for and type the name of the rule. Select the application the rule should apply to, or select the check-box to make the rule apply to all applications.

2.Select an action for the connection, either to deny (block) the connection or allow it. Select the direction of communication for which the rule should apply. You can create a log file for the rule by clicking Log rule.

3.Select the connection protocol and port types. Select port for service or specify a range of ports using the format: from-to.

4.Select the destination and enter the information in the required field, depending on your destination.