Remove computer from management

To remove a device from management, click Computers, select a device and click Remove. A dialog box will display the steps needed to remove the selected computer from management.




When proceeding to the next step, make sure that you have successfully competed the previous step. This is essential for correct device removal.

1.Reset Endpoint settings - Click Manage Policies and remove all applied policies to allow local device management. See Policy Removal Rules in the Policies section. If a password is set to access the Endpoint product setup, create a new policy to remove the password (select to set a password, but do not enter any password).

2.Stop computer management - Run a Stop Managing task or uninstall the ESET Management Agent or ESET security product locally on a computer. This suspends the connection between the computer and ECA.

3.Remove computer from database - After you ensure that the computer is no longer connecting to ECA, you can remove it from the list of managed devices.