Release notes

ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.360.0

Added: Full support for endpoint version 7.1 products

Fixed: Various bugs


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.359.0

Improved: Internal performance improvements


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.358.0

Improved: Overall performance improvements

Changed: Updated copyright information

Fixed: ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA) server does not receive all "Web protection" threats

Fixed: "Web protection" threat details view in the webconsole displays an unexpected error

Fixed: An uncaught exception occurs when working with ECA

Fixed: Indonesian language support is missing in product installation filters

Fixed: Server Device Status chart is missing


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.356.0

FIXED: Issue with too many notifications send from one incident.


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.350.0

New version of ESET Management Agent fixing various installation/upgrade/repair issues.

Internal service performance improvements

Fixed invalid installer CA certificate encoding in GPO installer script

ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.349

Various minor performance improvements


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.345

Various minor bug fixes

Wrong information is displayed under "Policy Product" column while creating the ECA Live installer


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.343.0

One-click actions

New one-click action - One click upgrade option – even from aggregated data.

New One-click actions to resolve "resolvable" actions – activate, reboot, update OS, or various protection issues

Hardware inventory

Redesigned client details section

New "incident overview" dashboard, with new types of graphical elements, and one-click navigation to threats

Improved Automatic resolving of handled threats

Option to generate live installer without security product selected

New status overview section

Live installer now support offline cache to speed up the deployment

Overall UI improvements (polished UI, new vector icons, updated menus)

Updated "overview" dashboard with one click navigation & Configurable RSS feed

Redesigned quick links & help links

New layout for wizard elements

Ability to switch ECA do different language in EBA (support for NEW languages)

Automatic detection of "machine cloning"

Ability to send e-mail directly from ECA when sending installer

Automatic log-outs

New more streamlined way when adding computers or using introductory wizard

Redesigned "filter bar" with the option to remove / reset / save filter presets + "category filter" moved to "filters"  

New columns for number / highest severity of alerts, cloning questions, and hardware detection reliability status

Enhanced filtering options by product name, version, number of alerts, policies, threats, & other options

New "remove computer from management" wizard, showing clear steps how to correctly remove devices from ECA  

Redesigned task wizard

New task types - Diagnostic (enable diagnostic / log collector)

Section "logs" now includes tabs to display "log collector" and new section for "diagnostic logs"

Alerts  - Alert (problem) details are reported from the supported security products

New dynamic groups for desktops and servers

Questions to resolve conflicts

Possible to locate threats detected by the same scan

Added current detection engine version and a hash value

Possibility to filter by cause, threat type, scan, scanner and define more granular criteria for the time filter in threats

Possibility to collapse and expand all reports in one click

Software installation task executes a "pre-execution check", and reports "task failed" with further details

New report template categories Hardware Inventory, Cloning Detection

Restyled report creation wizard

Extended options for filtering for specific values

Redesigned installer generation flow

Ability to configure LiveGrid and PUA settings  when creating live installer

Ability to configure Live Installer proxy settings  during the installer creation

Support for GPO  (Group policy)

New filter to "hide not-assigned policies"

Policy details showing "assigned to" (combines computers / groups) and "applied on" (actually applied targets)

New predefined policies for optimal usage of ESET Live Grid, and few tweaks to existing recommended templates for maximum protection

Possibility to allow "local lists"

Possible to edit multiple notifications at once

New announcement channel to inform users about planned outages and other important events

Improved migration from ERA6 (ESMC) managed environment when executing live installers