You can modify the settings of ESET Security products and ECA components by using policies. Policies are used to manage client computers and are accessed in ECA under Policies in the left menu. Users on client devices cannot edit settings enforced by a policy unless override mode is engaged.

In the Policies section there are two main folders named Built-in Policies and Custom Policies. Each folder contains subfolders where target-specific policies are available for ESET Security products and/or  ECA component.  

We suggest that you assign at least one policy to computers in your network to allow for quick changes to settings on client computers.Follow the steps in the example below to assign a policy.  



1.Navigate to Policies.

2.Select Built-in Policies > ESET Endpoint for Windows (or ESET Endpoint for macOS (OS X), based on the target).

3.Select Antivirus - Balanced policy.

4.Click Assign group(s).

5.Select the Custom Group that contains computers you want to apply the policy to and then click OK.