Introduction to ECA

Welcome to ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA). ECA allows you to manage ESET products on workstations and servers in a networked environment from one central location. Using the (ECA Web Console), you can deploy ESET solutions, manage tasks, enforce security policies, monitor system status and quickly respond to problems or threats on remote computers. ECA is made up of the following components:

ESET Cloud Administrator as a service

ESET Cloud Administrator Web Console

Web console interprets the data stored in the ECA database. It visualizes the vast amounts of data into clear dashboards and reports, and also enforces policies and carries out tasks on agents and other ESET applications.

ECA Live Installer

Is a small application consisting of  ESET Management Agent and a business endpoint product in a streamlined and easy to use package

ESET Management Agent is a small application with no graphical user interface that executes the commands of ESET Cloud Administrator on connected clients. It executes the tasks, collects logs from  ESET applications, interprets and forces policies, and performs other valid tasks such as software deployment and general computer monitoring

Easily downloadable, small,  pre-configured package, containing agent and security product (downloaded during installation), in the form of a streamlined installer that will automatically connect to the proper cloud instance and activate itself with a valid license with minimal interaction from the user required.The installer will identify the correct platform and download the proper security product installer package.

The agent is a lightweight application that facilitates all communication between the ESET Security product on a client computer and ESET Cloud Administrator

ESET Security products

ESET Security products protect client computers and servers from threats.

ESET Cloud Administrator supports the following ESET Security Products.

ESET Business Account

Central entry point for business customers, or an identity provider to ECA.

Serves as a single-sign on for business customers to view their licenses, activated services, perform user management etc.

An ESET business account is required to activate the ECA instance

ESET remote deployment tool

A tool that can remotely deploy ECA Live Installer to the network

Has the capability to remotely map the network and sync with AD, or support the import of targets on which the product will be deployed