Create a new ESET Cloud Administrator Instance

1.Open the ESET Business Portal and Log in (or create a new account).

2.After a successful login, you will see the Welcome screen for ESET Business Account.


3.Click Add Licenses to open a new License window. Click Enter License Key to proceed.


4.A new Add Licenses window will open. Enter your License Key and then click Continue.


5.If your license is already managed by ESET License Administrator (ELA) you will be prompted to confirm that you want your license to be moved from ELA to EBA. To confirm this decision, click Move in the dialog window.

6.If your license is already being used to activate an ESET security product, you will be prompted to choose whether to Keep those security products activated by this license active or Deactivate all security products activated with this license.

7.In the dashboard, click Activate under Activate ESET Cloud Administrator.



Check the language setting of your ESET Business Account. Some ECA GUI elements are defined the first time you set the language in your ESET Business Account language settings, and cannot be changed later.


8.An Activate ECA window will open. Read the Terms of Use and check the check box if you agree with it.

9.Select a data center location for your ECA instance that is the closest to the location of your managed network and click Continue.



Once selected, you will not able to change the data center location of your ECA instance.


10.Your ECA instance will be created. You can wait for a few minutes until it is created or you can log out and you will be notified by email once the ECA instance is available.


11.Click Open in the ECA tile to open a new  ECA tab.