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Status Overview

ECA Server performs periodic diagnostics checkups. Use the status_overview Status Overview to see usage statistics and a general status of your ESET Cloud Administrator. It can also help you with initial configuration of ESET Cloud Administrator. Click Status Overview to see detailed status information about ESET Cloud Administrator. Click a section tile to display a task bar on the right with actions. Each section tile can have one of several colors, based on the status of included items (status of the item with highest severity is used):

Green (icon_success OK) - All items in the section are without any issues.

Yellow (validation-status-icon-warning Warning) - At least one item in the section is marked with a warning.

Red (validation-status-icon-error Error) - At least one item in the section is marked with an error.

Blue ( informationInformation) - There is a question related to connected computer(s) (see Questions section description below).


status_overview Status Overview contains the following sections:


ESET Cloud Administrator uses the ESET business account. You can only review the basic license information in the Licenses tile. For license management, follow up to your ESET business account.


Add Computer - Add client computers and servers on your network to the ECA structure.


Install Software - With the ESET Management Agent deployed, you can install software directly from the ESET repository or specify an installation package location (URL or a shared folder).

New Policy - Create a new policy to change the configuration of the ESET security product installed on the client computers.

Invalid Objects

Contains the list of Tasks, installers or notifications with references to unreachable or invalid objects. Click on any of the result fields to view a menu with the selected list of objects.


When a cloned device or change of hardware is detected on a client device, a question is listed. Read more about resolving cloned computers.