Login screen

We recommend that you log into ECA via ESET Business Account. From ESET Business Account you can open ECA directly. This is the recommended login method because this way you will be logged into ESET Business Account and ECA simultaneously. While it is also possible to log in to ECA directly from the ECA login, you may experience issues with certain functions that require you to be logged into EBA.

ESET Business Account login credentials (username and password) are used for both of the methods mentioned above.



If you experience problems logging in or receive error messages while trying to log in, see Web Console Troubleshooting for suggestions to resolve your issue.

The language of login screen and ECA Web Console can be changed in ESET Business Account User Settings > Language.



Keep in mind that not all elements of the webconsole will change after the language change. Some of the elements are created during the initial configuration of your ECA instance and cannot be changed.

Forgotten Password allows you to recover forgotten password to your account.


Session management and security measures:

Login IP address lockout

After 10 unsuccessful login attempts from the same IP address, further login attempts from this IP address are blocked for approximately 15 minutes. The IP address ban on login attempts does not affect existing sessions. This is indicated by the error message: Login failed: Communication from your address was temporary blocked.