ESET Business Account

The ESET Business Account has three main roles in relation to ESET Cloud Administrator:

Login access portal - ESET Business Account works as a unified access point for both ECA and ESET Business Account. You can use the ECA Login Page or ESET Business Account Login page to access your ECA Web Console but both will redirect you through  ESET Business Account authentication to verify your login.

License management - ESET Business Account is a successor of ELA portal. You can add all your ESET business licenses in  ESET Business Account portal for easy access and management. All ECA eligible licenses added to your ESET Business Account portal are accessible and ready to use in ECA when required, but License management tasks should be performed in ESET Business Account.

User access rights management - Once you create your ESET Business Account portal, you can add more user accounts, with different levels of access rights to access and manage your licenses and your ESET Cloud Administrator.