Manage Detections


To manage detections, click the item and select one of the available actions, or select the check box next to one or more items and use the buttons in the lower part of the Detections screen:

Scan computers - Run the On-Demand Scan Task on the device that reported the selected detection.

details_default Show Details - See Detection details:

oOverview - The Overview section contains the basic information about the detection. From this section, you can manage the detection with various actions (available actions depend on detection category), or go to Computer Details to see details about the computer where the detection occurred.

oOccurrences - The Occurrences section is active only when the detection is aggregated and provides the list of individual occurrences of the detection. You can mark all occurrences of the same detection as resolved/unresolved.

Computers - A list of actions you can perform on the computer where the detection was found. This list is the same as the one in the Computers section.

icon_resolved Mark As Resolved / icon_not_resolved Mark As Not Resolved - You can mark detections as resolved/not resolved here or in Computer details.

play_default Run Task - Run an existing task and create a trigger to complete the task.

The following actions are available only for icon_antivirusAntivirus detections (files with known paths):

scan_default Scan Path - Create the On-Demand Scan Task with pre-defined paths and targets.

icon_create_exclusion Create Exclusion - Create detection exclusions.