The Overview dashboard is the default screen that you will see every time you log into ECA. It displays general information about your network.

The Overview dashboard consists of 6 sections.

Device filters - Displays the number of managed devices based on last reported status. You can click each of the 4 tiles to open a filtered list of devices.

Device status - Displays the number of managed devices based on the type security product installed in respective tabs. If no security product of that group is deployed, the tab will display an option to deploy the respective installer package.

Connection status - Displays the list of last connections of managed devices.

Product version status - Displays the ratio of up-to-date and outdated security product versions based on platform.

Management status - Displays the number of Managed & Protected (client devices with both ESET Agent and a security product installed), Managed (client devices with only Agent), Unmanaged (client devices in your network that are known to ECA but without Agent) and Rogue (client devices unknown to ECA but detected by Rogue Detection Sensor).

RSS feed - Displays an RSS feed from WeLiveSecurity and the Eset Knowledgebase Portal. When you click the gear icon in RSS feed, you can choose to Turn off feed autoplay, or turn off individual feed source.  

Switch between dashboards using the tabs in the top menu bar to see all available reports.

Customize your dashboards by adding reports and resizing, moving and re-arranging them to provide a comprehensive overview of ECA and its functions (clients, groups, tasks, policies, etc.).


The following customizable dashboards come pre-configured in ECA:

Computers - Provides an overview of client machines including their protection status, operating systems, update status, etc.

Antivirus threats - View reports from the anti-virus module of the client security products including active threats, threats in the last 7/30 days, etc.

Firewall threats - View Firewall events from the connected client devices prioritized according to their severity, time of reporting, etc.

ESET applications - View information about installed ESET applications.


See the Dashboards section for more information.


After configuring your dashboards, move on to the Computers section.