Computers and Groups

Custom and Dynamic Groups

All devices are sorted into custom groups. Custom groups organize computers and objects into a hierarchy. Each device can only belong to one custom group.

Dynamic groups are like filters that are applied to the list of all devices in your environment. A device can belong to multiple dynamic groups at the same time, or none at all.



A new ECA instance automatically places new devices in the Lost & found group.

We recommend that you create a basic structure of your network using custom groups to help organize computers. To do so, click Create Group to open a new pop-up menu where you can set the Group Name and select the Parent Group under which this new group will be created.


The computers section displays all client computers that can be accessed by ECA, according to group. Click a group from the list on the left to display the members (clients) of that group in the right pane. Filters are available at the top of the page to help you locate specific computers. Click Add Filter to view the different types of filters available and create custom views.

Click the status icons to select or deselect them. This allows you to filter clients by the severity of detected issues (validation-status-icon-error red for errors, validation-status-icon-warning yellow for warnings, icon_success green for notices, and icon_unmanaged gray for unmanaged computers). For example, if you only want to see computers with warnings, leave the yellow icon selected and deselect the other status icons. To see all client computers with warnings or errors, leave only the red and yellow status icons selected. You can use the following adjustments to further customize the Computers screen:

Show Subgroups—Select this check box to show the subgroups of the currently selected group.

Unmanaged—client computers on the network that do not have a stable connection with ECA Server after the deployment of ESET Management Agent and a security product are marked with unmanaged in the status column.

Use the drop-down menu below the filters to view a specific category of clients. Filters can be used to narrow down your results. The following categories are available:

oAll Devices will display all client computers.

oESET Protected will display client computers protected by an ESET security product based on the type of security product installed.

oESET Cloud Administrator will display client computers by individual ECA components such as Agent or RD Sensor



If you are not able to find a particular computer in the list and know it is in your ECA infrastructure, make sure that all filters are turned off. You can also click the header of a column to sort computers by that attribute.


After you  create your network structure in the Computers section, you can start managing the devices in your network with Policies and Tasks.