Agent installer Linux

This wizard will help you create .sh script for ESET Management Agent deployment  on Linux computers.

Follow the steps below to create an Agent live installer script for Linux:

1.Fill in the Name and Description of the installer.

2.Click Select tags to assign tags.

3.Parent group (optional) - Select the Parent group where the computer will be placed after installation. If you want to create a new Parent Static group, click New Static group and use the wizard. The newly created group will automatically be selected.

4.Initial installer configuration - Here you can choose from the two configuration types:

oDo not configure - Only the policies that are merged to a Parent Static group will be applied.

oSelect configuration from the list of policies - Use this option if you want to apply a configuration policy to ESET Management Agent and/or your ESET product. Click Select and choose from the list of available policies. If none of the predefined policies are suitable, you can create a new policy or customize your existing policy first. When you try selecting the policy again, your new policy will appear in the list

5.Select the check box Enable HTTP Proxy settings and specify the Proxy settings (Server, Port, Login and Password) to set ESET Management Agent connection to Proxy to enable communication forwarding between ESET Management Agent and ECA Server.



The communication protocol between Agent and ECA Server does not support authentication.

oWhen you select Enable fallback, ESET Management Agent will use a direct connection to ECA Server if HTTP Proxy is not available.

6.You can select Save & Download to save the configuration and download the installation script or Save and close to save the configuration for later.