This section allows you to create Agent installer packages to deploy ESET Management Agent on client computers. The installer packages are saved in ECA Web Console and you can download them again when necessary.

1.Click Installers > Create installer.

2.Select the installer type you want to create. The options are as follows:

ECA Live Installer package
Follow the steps from Package creation to configure the All-in-one installer, which allows advanced configuration options. These options include Policy settings for ESET Management Agent and ESET products, ECA Server Hostname and Port, and the ability to select a Parent Group.



After creating and downloading the All-in-one installer package, there are two options for deploying the ESET Management Agent:

Locally on a client computer

Using the ESET Remote Deployment Tool to deploy ESET Management Agents to multiple client computers at the same time.


Agent installer (Linux)

Filters and layout customization

You can customize the current Web Console screen view:

Manage the side panel and main table.

Add filters and filter presets. You can use tags for filtering the displayed items.


How to download installers from the installers menu

1.Click Installers.

2.Select the check box next to the installer you want to download.

3.Click Actions > Download.