Progress indicator

The progress indicator is a color bar that shows the execution status of a Task. Each Task has its own indicator (shown in the Progress row). The execution status of a Task is shown in different colors, and includes the number of computers in that state for a given task:

Running (blue)


Successfully finished (green)


Failed (orange)


Newly created Task (white) – it might take some time for the indicator to change color, ECA Server must receive a response from an ESET Management Agent to show the execution status. The progress indicator will be white if there is no Trigger assigned.


A combination of the above


When you click the color bar, you can select from execution results and take further actions if necessary, see Drill down for more details.

Refer to Icon legend for details about different icon types and statutes.



The progress indicator shows the status of a Task when it was last executed. This information comes from the ESET Management Agent. The progress indicator shows exactly what the ESET Management Agent is reporting from client computers.