Exclusions enable you to exclude processes from analysis. To ensure that all processes are scanned for possible threats, we recommend only creating exclusions when it is absolutely necessary.

To exclude an object from analysis:

1.Click Add,

2.Enter the path to an object or select it in the tree structure.

You can use wildcards to cover a group of files. A question mark (?) represents a single variable character whereas an asterisk (*) represents a variable string of zero or more characters.


If you wish to exclude all files in a folder, type the path to the folder and use the mask “*.*”.

To exclude an entire drive including all files and subfolders, use the mask "D:\*".

If the name of an executable file has a certain number of characters (and characters vary) and you only know the first one for sure (say “D”), use the following format: “D????.exe”. Question marks replace the missing (unknown) characters.