Tickets and Billing

Automate ticketing for ESET DEM devices from the ConnectWise Automate Control Center. To complete the steps in this section, you must be logged in to the ConnectWise Automate Control Center. Ticketing can be created according to the following monitors:

Computer Restart Pending

Out of Date Modules

Product not Activated

Protection Disabled

Unhandled Threat Detection


1.In the ConnectWise Automate console, click Automation > Monitors.

2.In the All Monitors window, click Internal Monitors and select the applicable monitor.

3.In the Alert Template section of the monitor window, select Default-Create Automate Ticket  and click Save.

4.Click Close.

5.In the Internal Monitors list, right-click the monitor you just edited and select Run Now and Reset Monitor. The ticket will be created based on the ESET DEM devices detected that fulfill the monitor's conditions.

6.Click Service Desk and then click Tickets.

7.In the Support Tickets window, click the Open Tickets tab to see the list of open tickets.

8.Click the All tab to see all of the ESET Product tickets created.

Automate ticketing for ESET DEM Knowledgebase video