MSP and Licensing

ConnectWise Automate Partners contact their ConnectWise Automate representative to purchase licenses and to adjust product license quantities.

The two most important components for an ESET ConnectWise Automate MSP/Plug-in user are the ESET Licensing Administrator (ELA) and Security Admin accounts. See the table below for an overview of the ConnectWise Automate MSP components:

Important components


ESET Direct Endpoint Management Plug-in for ConnectWise Automate

The ESET Direct Endpoint Management Plug-in for ConnectWise Automate is developed by ESET in cooperation with ConnectWise Automate to deploy, manage and report on ESET endpoint products within your ConnectWise Automate Console.

ESET Licensing Administrator (ELA)

A version 6 business product licensing management system for ESET licenses. Using ELA, a ConnectWise Automate MSP uses a Security Admin to manage and distribute licenses. After accepting their role, the Security Admin can manage the license (make changes, associate seats, etc.) and can assign licenses to computers (licenses include both MSP and pre-paid/non-MSP).

Security Admin

The ESET Direct Endpoint Management Plug-in for ConnectWise Automate connects to ELA using the Security Admin account to retrieve license credentials.

ConnectWise Automate will associate the Security Admin account to a client site and the ConnectWise Automate MSP manages client sites using unique client certificates. After purchasing or modifying licenses, the ConnectWise Automate MSP uses the plug-n to synchronize licenses from an ESET Server to ConnectWise Automate, and the endpoint counts will be updated.

To view license utilization

Log into ELA using your Security Admin credentials. From ELA, you can view activated endpoints and total license utilization, download a license file or offline license file and deactivate endpoints if necessary.

NOTE: ConnectWise Automate MSPs cannot increase license count within ELA. You must contact your ConnectWise Automate representative to adjust license quantities.