Known Issues

ESET DEM - Run ESET Deployment Package unsuccessful

Verify the name of the script is correct. If the script name displays as "ESET DEM - Run Deployment Package", update the name to "ESET DEM - Run ESET Deployment Package. Update the variable name on line 5 of the script to "Encoded Input Data".


Inconsistent reporting of non-English ESET File and Mail Security status

Due to the nature of eshell for our Windows server products, non-English ESET File and Mail Security versions could inconsistently report the success of certain plug-in tasks. This issue has been fixed with version 7 of these products.



On-demand scan task for non-English products must use custom profile option

When creating an on-demand scan task for non-English products, it is necessary to use the custom profile option to specify the exact name of the profile. For example, in our English language product, the smart scan profile is named "Smart scan". For other languages, this profile is called "Smart-Scan".



Policy Editor displays the following error(s), "Script Error: An error has occurred in the script on this page." "A task was canceled."

On the ConnectWise Server and the remote device launching Control Center:

1.Update Internet Explorer (we recommend updating to version 11).

2.Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (both x86 and x64).

3.Close and reopen Control Center as Administrator.



Various policy settings do not apply to version 6.x endpoint products (for example, "User Interface Elements" and "Show splash-screen at startup")

This issue has been resolved with the release of version 7 of these products.