Install Automation Manager

Install Automation Manager

ESET provides a bundle of tasks and monitors scripts in the form of a ZIP file containing AMP files, a changelog, an end-user license agreement (EULA) and the user guide.

Unpack the bundle to upload the various AMP scripts to N-Central.

Scripts with names that start with "ESET Task - " allow you to perform tasks (jobs) on the endpoint.

Scripts with names that start with "ESET Mon - " are used for Monitors.

They are executed on a recurring basis, and return PASS/FAIL  statuses. They can be associated to endpoints and/or combined into service templates (in which case corrective actions can be attempted in case of failure - “self-healing”)

1.From the left menu, select Actions > Start Automation Manager. If Automation Manager is not already installed, follow the on-screen instructions.


Load automation scripts into N-Central

2.From the main menu, click File > Open or press the CTRL + O keys and select the AMP file you want to upload. Or click Open Policy File from the main panel of Automation Manager.


3.Once the AMP file is open, select File > Upload from the main menu to upload and save it to N-Central.


You can customize the AMP file before uploading it (for example, supply default values to input parameters)


4.Once all the scripts are loaded, click Configuration > Scheduled Tasks > Script/Software Repository to verify that the scripts are there.


Assign a scheduled task to an endpoint.