Assign a scheduled task to an endpoint

1. Click Views > All Devices and select the check box next to each endpoint that will have a task scheduled.


2.Click Add Task > Run an Automation Policy.


3.In the Details section, rename the task in the Task Name window if necessary.

4.To select Repository Item, type ESET and select the policy you want to apply. Depending on the task selected you may need to enter additional information such as the product type or License Key. If you are setting up an Activate automation policy, you can enter the security admin account username, password and public ID of the license instead of the license key. Separate each element with a space in the following format: password XXX-XXX-XXX


5.Click the Schedule tab to select a time for the task to run. The default is set to Now. The task will run as soon as it is saved.


6.Click the Notifications tab to select a notification type and recipients of status reports for the task execution.

7.Click Save.


Check task progress

As soon as the task is scheduled, The Scheduled Tasks view will be displayed.


You can also monitor the task progress and results in the Job status view. From the main menu, click Views > Job Status and select your task.


In the Automation Policy Task page you can monitor the progress and the results.

If your target consists of more than one endpoint, scroll down from one endpoint result to the next. If the status is longer than 20 lines, you can download a ZIP file of the complete execution log.