Adding checks

Checks can be performed at regular intervals (for example, every 30 minutes), or daily, at a predetermined time. When a check fails, an associated task can be performed, usually to fix the problem detected by the check.


You can find syntax schemes for tasks and checks in the Windows, macOS and Linux topics.

1.In the Dashboard, click File > Add check.

2.Click Choose Check and select Windows, Linux or Mac > 24x7 Checks (or DSC checks depending on the frequency you need) > Script Check. One check can only be applied on Windows, macOS or Linux machines, not together.


3.Select a target for the check (Server, Workstation…) and the client/location for which you want the check(s) applied.


4.Click Add New to add more scripts.


5.In the Add Script Check window, scroll down to the User Defined section select the applicable script and then click Next.


6.Choose an execution time-out then click Finish.