The Antivirus module safeguards your device against malicious code by blocking incoming threats and cleaning them. Real-Time protection scans every newly installed application to provide you with proactive security.


Allows you to manage threats discovered by ESET Smart TV Security. You can delete all the threats at once by clicking Remove all or manage single threats by clicking Threat detail. You can also choose to ignore a threat; this will place the threat on a whitelist.

Scan now

This option will perform an immediate scan of your device. Certain predefined file types are scanned by default. A device scan checks the memory, running processes and their dependent dynamic link libraries as well as the files that are part of internal and removable storage. ESET Smart TV Security will start a scan after every start-up of your device.

Update modules

By default,ESET Smart TV Security includes an update task to ensure that the program is regularly updated. To run the update manually, click Update modules.

Advanced settings