What is activation in home products?

When you purchase a full license for an ESET home / consumer product, you will receive an email from ESET containing your ESET-issued License Key. This email will be delivered to the email address used at the time of purchase. This license key must be entered into your ESET product that is installed on your device. When the license key is successfully entered into you r product, your product is activated. Activated products are able to receive the latest detection engine and program component updates.

What do I receive with an ESET product License?

Did not receive license key in email?

If more than 24 hours have passed since you purchased your ESET product and you have not received your license key, check your spam or promotions folder.

If you cannot find the email with your license key, you can have it resent to the email address you entered when you purchased the product. Visit our lost license management support.

I need instructions to activate

Using legacy license credentials?

If you are using an ESET home product version 8.x or earlier, you may have an ESET-issued Username and Password instead of a license key.  A Username and Password combination cannot be used to activate version 9.x or later products. Convert a Username and Password into a License key in the portal.

How do I get my License Key?

What do I get with my ESET product License?

How do I activate my ESET home product?

Activate my ESET home product