Troubleshoot your device connection issue for business users

The activation issue you are experiencing may be related to a connectivity issue between your device and the internet. This is can occur for a number of reasons. To troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing, click the issue type for instructions to check if it is causing your connectivity issue and resolve it.



You may have incorrect proxy server settings.



Your firewall may be blocking access. Check the ports and addresses required to use your ESET product with a third-party firewall.



You may be having SSL certificate validation problems. Troubleshoot SSL certificate issues (HTTPS activation).



You may have Third-party Antivirus installed that is conflicting with your ESET product.



Your operating system may not be up-to-date. Visit our Microsoft Windows Support Policy and ESET products.



You  may be installing ESET product with an out-of-date installer. Visit our download page to get the most recent installer for your product.



You may have malware on the computer.