The ESET SMS Tool allows you to use the ESET features that require SMS and Call services permissions in:

ESET Mobile Security

 Call Filter

 SMS Commands

ESET Parental control

 SOS Button

 Parental Messages

ESET Endpoint Security for Android

 Call Filter

 SMS Commands

These features were removed due to Google Play restrictions.

On January 9, 2019, Google Play implemented restrictions for the use of the SMS and Call services permissions necessary for the core functionality of the SMS and Call filter features. This resulted in removing features that used Call and SMS services from ESET products available on Google Play, such as Call filter in ESET Mobile Security and ESET Endpoint Security for Android or Parental messages from ESET Parental Control.


Parental Control

When installing ESET SMS Tool to access SMS services on ESET Parental Control, you have to install ESET SMS Tool on your child's device. Features that use SMS services will still be unavailable on the parental device.

Download and install the ESET SMS Tool to access these features:

1.Download ESET SMS Tool.

2.Tap the file you downloaded to start the installation. Recently downloaded files can be found in the Downloads folder.

3.Tap Install. If you are prompted to allow installation from unknown sources, tap Settings and tap the slider bar next to Allow from this source or Unknown sources, depending on your device.

4.In ESET SMS Tool tap Open.

5.Tap Next.

6.Tap Finish.

7.Installation is now complete.