Uninstallation using ESET AV Remover ended with an error

If you are not able to remove an antivirus program using ESET AV Remover, you will receive a notification that the application you are trying to remove might not be supported by ESET AV Remover. Visit the list of supported products or uninstallers for common Windows antivirus software on ESET Knowledgebase to see if this specific program can be removed.

When the uninstallation of the security product was unsuccessful or some of its component was uninstalled partially, you are prompted to Restart and rescan. Confirm UAC after startup and continue with the scanning and uninstallation process.

If necessary, contact ESET Customer Care to open a support request and have the AppRemover.log file available to assist ESET Technicians. The AppRemover.log file is located in the eset folder. Browse to %TEMP% in Windows Explorer to access this folder. ESET Customer Care will respond as quickly as possible to help resolve your issue.