Create a Policy for MDC to activate APNS for iOS enrollment

This is an example of how to create a new policy for ESET Mobile Device Connector to activate APNS (Apple Push Notification Services) and iOS device Enrollment feature. This is required for iOS device Enrollment. Before configuring this policy, create a new APN certificate and have it signed by Apple on the Apple Push Certificates Portal so that it becomes a signed certificate or APNS Certificate. For step-by-step instructions see the APN certificate section.

icon_section Basic

Enter a Name for this policy. The Description field is optional.

icon_section Settings

Select ESET Remote Administrator Mobile Device Connector from the drop-down list. Under General, go to Apple Push Notification Service and upload the APNS Certificate and a APNS Private Key.


Type your actual organization's name over the Organization string. This is used by the enrollment profile generator to include this information in the profile.


APNS Certificate (signed by Apple) - click the folder icon and browse for the APNS Certificate to upload it.

APNS Private Key - click the folder icon and browse for the APNS Private Key to upload it.

icon_section Assign

Here you can specify the clients (individual computers/mobile devices or whole groups) that are the recipients of this policy.


Click Assign to display all Static and Dynamic Groups and their members. Select the Mobile Device Connector instance that you want to apply an APNS Certificate on and click OK.

icon_section Summary

Review the settings for this policy and click Finish.